The Academy commemorates birth and death anniversary of Mirza Ghalib every year. It also organizes Ghalib Memorial Lectures to remember the great poet. Dr.Yausuf Husain Khan, Prof. Khwaja Ahmad Farooqui, Prof Ale Ahmad Suroor and Prof Masood Husain khan, Prof. Gopi Chand Narang, Prof. Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, Prof. S.R. Kidwai, Prof. Shamim Hanfi, Prof. Abdul Haq, Prof. Shakeelur Rehman, Prof. Sadiq, Mr. Vishnu Khare had delivered lectures various topics related to Ghalib and his age. Renowned artists present Kalam-e-Ghalib at these occasions. The Academy organizes national seminars on Ghalib. In these seminar eminent scholars of Urdu world participate and present their papers on various topics related to Ghalib and different aspects of his life and age The Academy organizes literary meets in every second Saturday of each month. Eminent writers and young writers participate.

Latus Report:


Special lecture :On the occasion of 220th BirthAnniversary of  Mirza Ghalib

Report: Hakeem Abdul Hameed Memorial Lecture

Report: G.D.Chandan Memorial Lecture

Report:on the occasion of 48th Foundation Day of Ghalib Academy  and 148 Death Anniversary of Mirza Ghalib

Report: Recitation Competition of Mirza Ghalib`s Poetry

Special lecture :On the occasion of 219thBirthAnniversary of  Mirza Ghalib

Report: Seminar on G.D.Chandan

Report : Jalsa (Urdu Afsana Nigar Mr. Joginder Paul)

Report: On the occasion of 47th Foundation Day of Ghalib Academy and 147th Death Anniversary of Mirza Ghalib 

Report:Ghazal Recitation CompetitionOn the occasion of 147th Death Anniversary of Mirza Ghalib 

Special lecture :On the occasion of 218thBirthAnniversary of  Mirza Ghalib

Report:Special Lecture on" Hakeem Abgul Hameed Ki Tibbi Khidmat"

Report: Seminar/workshop on Shrah Diwan-e-Momin