(ii)    MUSEUM 

Ghalib Museum was set up in the premises of Ghalib Academy. This museum presents glimpses of Ghalib’s time. Pictures of Ghalib residences are the main attraction of the Museum. It depicts the Poet's favorite foods and attire Statues of Ghalib and that of his love fascinate the viewer's. The coins, seals, postal stamps and specimen of handwriting housed in this Museum, guide those researching on Ghalib. Painting of renowned painters M.F Hussain, Satiate Jugular, Anise Farooqui and others on Ghalib's verses are worth seeing .The rock pieces of late Brijender Sayal are unique and hundreds of people come from India and abroad daily to see them. This style is his own innovation started by him some forty years ago. Mr. Sayal was a retired army officer and stayed in Agra.